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Frohman Anderson III
Managing Partner

In 2009 Frohman co-founded Ava Anderson Non Toxic, now Pure Haven Essentials, a brand of non-toxic and organic personal care and home cleaning products. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 2014 with a degree in Environmental Studies, Frohman assisted AANT until its acquisition in 2016. Frohman then established EverHope Capital, a private venture capital fund, to invest in innovative and scalable alternatives to animal-based products. In addition to managing EverHope Capital’s portfolio, Frohman is Venture Partner at New Crop Capital, focusing on deal flow, analyses, fundraising and new ventures. Frohman is also co-chair of the NEXUS working group on animal welfare and biodiversity conservation.

Ava Anderson

Ava co-founded Ava Anderson Non Toxic, now Pure Haven Essentials, in 2009. The mission-based business educated millions of consumers and produced and sold the first full line of organic and non-toxic personal care and home cleaning products. While managing a team of over 90 employees and nearly 20,000 independent sales representatives, Ava was recognized by publications such as Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines. Ava delivered a TEDx Talk at the age of 18 and lobbied congress twice in support of legislation for safer chemicals in consumer products. After selling the business and graduating from Babson College, Ava spent time at Pencils of Promise and ALOHA. In addition to her role with EverHope Capital, Ava is currently a Founding Member of the Forbes Impact Investment Summit and Community, and a Founding Patron of the Vatican’s ‘Humanity 2.0’ project.


Kim Anderson

As a successful business leader for more than 35 years, Kim started her career in the management and buying departments of Jordan Marsh and Macy’s. She then went on to found and operate the home store, Teapots and Tassels, for 15 years. Kim has been awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the SBA and “Citizen of the Year” by the RI Chamber of Commerce. In 2009 Kim co-founded Ava Anderson Non Toxic, now branded Pure Haven Essentials. Supported by nearly 20,000 independent sales representatives, AANT educated millions of American families on the human and environmental health impacts of harmful chemicals in everyday products. Kim is currently a board member of Social Enterprise Greenhouse in Providence RI, personally mentoring dozens of socially responsible entrepreneurs.


Frohman Anderson II

Frohman is Co-Founder of EverWatch, a wealth management firm that invests across all asset classes including direct private equity. He has held executive positions in private equity and several operating businesses with an emphasis on early stage and high growth companies. He has served on business boards, school boards, and is a Director of both the Collis Family and EverHope Foundations. He is a member of CREO and CERES, two impact organizations focused on environmental, food and energy sector opportunities and challenges. Frohman received a B.A. in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College.